“What I’ve learned”

Throughout this course I have learned a lot about mass media, but one of the biggest things that I learned was how huge it is, it involves almost everything.  Being that mass communications is everywhere it is very important that you (the writer) knows how to write correctly to get your message out.  What I learned the most about mass communications is the importance of being accurate, of being brief in your writings, and lastly being clear in your writings.  They all effect the quality of writing and could be the difference between being a success and a being a failure.


Local Basketball Death

Todd White, a fifteen year old basketball player died this morning during a morning practice at Central High School.  He collapsed during a practice game and according to trainer Mike Way he did not have any known illnesses.

White was pronounced dead at Central Valley Memorial Hospital after ever efforts to revive him failed, and later today an autopsy will be performed by the county cororner to determine the cause of death.

“Roger Goodell, A video Press Conference”

I frequent the web every day, not only because of school but because I am starting to find different news more interesting than the traditional television shows.  One thing that I have gotten into lately is news release’s or press confrences.  I have found that unlike a general press release you can see the emotion and sencerity of the person in which the news is coming from.  The unfortunate thing about a press conference is that the news may not be cleary stated as it would be in a press release because of many different factors, such as dialect or education.  Never the less, I do find press conferences much more appealing because the information given is coming from the horse’s mouth so to speak.