“Internet Media”

Unfortunately I can’t give you a link or a real description of an artifact that I use in my life because it is from work, where emails have become increasingly secured.  Saying that, at my work I get daily emails about upcoming events, job postings, cooporate ongoings and finally new products.  I have found that the new product launches are very well written but they are a little self serving, as if they are promoting the product to us, although they are very informative about what the product is for, and gives every spec available.  I do get why they aren’t really well written, because in most cases the p.r. is written by an engineer or someone else that doesn’t really have the best writing aptitude.


As for forms of media I use in my daily life, I think I use everything I can.  I write on sporting blogs daily, I read sporting blogs daily, I also read the local and national newspapers daily.  To be honest with you I read more online than I ever read in a newspaper.  One other thing I do is shop online quite a bit, from school to baby stuff, most of my shopping is done on Amazon.


I could not go without the internet.  It has gotten so bad that when my phone goes out of commission for a day, I feel like a smoker without a smoke… It’s sad but I really do go through withdrawals.


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